Join SETL Labs to get your own working version of the SETL distributed ledger framework. Supported with all the necessary tools and documentation to transform your vision for financial asset management into a fully functional blockchain solution.

Joining SETL Labs

Apply for SETL Labs membership to get hands on experience with the SETL distributed ledger framework. As a SETL Labs user you will have access to a dedicated blockchain instance, the ground-breaking SETL OpenCSD software, an instance of SETL Connect, the secure SETL API collection and full SETL documentation detailing how to use the framework to create and manage the lifecycle of financial assets. Your instance will be seeded with a set of permissioned users with pre-configured roles to help you understand the structure of permissioning and segregation of duties.

Working in the Lab

The first step is to apply for access to SETL Labs. SETL is looking for partners and innovators who want to develop in the financial services industry. Applications should let us know what you are looking to achieve from the Lab environment. When you are accepted, which will usually be within a working day, SETL will build your environment and send you the log in details. Your environment will be great for development and exploration but will not be configured for live use. You will be given a Lab master contact in SETL to answer questions and help you explore and build.

SETL Connect

SETL Connect is where you can connect your blockchain instance to your own applications and can orchestrate actions on and off the blockchain. SETL Connect is a low code graphical environment which includes both blockchain and non-blockchain actions which can be connected together to build complex workflows and applications. It includes a range of connectors to the SETL blockchain and other software environments such as message queues and databases.


OpenCSD is SETL's GUI access tool. OpenCSD sets up users and their roles and permissions. OpenCSD allows you to explore the blockchain ledger and to effect transactions such as issuing and transferring assets between wallets. OpenCSD also gives you access to the SETL Contract Builder, a powerful tool which helps you build interactions between blockchain users.


SETL's online documentation will walk you through basic use cases and will explain how to achieve the outcomes you want. Use cases and examples are backed up with comprehensive reference material detailing the full power of SETL's solutions.

Ready for more?

SETL has a team of engineers and financial service experts ready to take your prototype into production. Our team has already built a fully regulated and functioning CSD and a Fund Distribution platform backed by a Transfer Agent. Get in touch to see how we can help turn your innovation into a transformative project.

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